Edge stones and Tiles

Hammered finish

Finishing inspired by traditional granite slabs in northern Portugal, this line gives the pool floor and edge stones a refinement that adapts to all architectural styles.

Striped finish

A contemporary approach to your pool and surroundings. With the nobility of the materials chosen, the Striped finish, brings a unique charm and timeless beauty to the area where it is placed.

Aged finish

Faithful reproduction of the contours found in a twelfth-century church, the Aged line is manufactured with material from quarries in the West. It is the perfect replica of the traditional floors that add to your space the beauty of the old castles.


Extraordinary reproduction of teak wood and its nobility, the Deck brings us to a contemporary and sober style. With easy cleaning and maintenance, this line is the ideal solution for those who want the beauty of wood but not the troubles for its maintenance.


Faithful reproduction of the wood elements of the railway lines, the Hidronatura sleepers are the detail that makes a difference in your garden. Used in steps or in a path outline, the sleepers are beautiful attributes of a class garden.

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